DIY Infographics

Infographic - potato.

Infographics are visual representations of information or knowledge. They help to convey the writer’s message through the use of graphics and short blurbs describing these graphics or vice-versa. To create an effective infographic you must first take into account your audience. You are going to want to present the information in your infographic in a way that will engage them with what you are trying to show them. This can be done by using visuals that your audience will understand and engaging them in a way that perks their interest.

Now that we are done understanding how to create an effective infographic, we will learn how to properly insert and infographic into our document. So you’ve just created your first infographic and are happy with the way it came out, but you don’t know how to move it into your Word document. That’s perfectly normal for those of us who haven’t done this before.

I remember the first time that I tried to do so was a mess. I tried to just directly copy and paste it into my Word document and leave it as is but it didn’t look very professional. Half of my sentence ended up being cut off and I was left with a large gaping blank space in my document next to the infographic that I had just pasted in.

The mistakes that I made can be easily avoided and here’s how. First of all, you need to know where you want your visual to be placed. Do you want it before a paragraph, after paragraph, or right in the midst of it all? Most infographics, from my own personal experience, tend to look more professional and seem to look as if they belong more when they are inserted into the middle of a paragraph dedicated to the infographic itself. In order to insert a graphic into the middle of a paragraph, choose the line of text in which you want it to appear after or before and then choose to copy and paste it in. From here, right click the image and choose the ‘wrap text’ option. This will allow you to choose how you want the text to flow around the image that you paste into the document. You will most likely want to choose the ‘tight fit’ option. This selection will embed the image into the paragraph while effectively utilizing the blank space around it for your text.

Congratulations, you have just successfully created and inserted your very own infographic. If you require any further assistance or are looking for more tips on infographics then feel free to check out Jason Oberholtzer’s Infographic Tips on Forbes.

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