Learn to put your ideas into graphs

How to create an infographic:

infographics image

When writing any kind of professional document it is important to note that imagery is vital. Reports are a great way to communicate progress on any projects in the work place. When there is a very long document people tend to get lost in it, and instead of getting all the information being presented they doze off. Infographics are the best way to attract someone attention to a specific, and important piece of information. It highlights an idea and since you are separating it from the rest that is the one idea that a person will remember.

The challenge is to find the right infograph that will fit the information that you want to present. An infographics done right can help you communicate information, but if you do it wrong it can confuse the reader and even discredit the reliability of your information. After reading this blog you will be able to use infographics to present the information you want to get across in a creative way.

Here are some general steps to creating an infographic

  1. Have an idea that you want to transform into an infographic
  2. Create a flowchart or draft of your idea
  3. Choose colors that go well together. This might not seem too importnant, but the reality is that it helps the readers eyes and it is good for steatics.
  4. Choose graphics that are relevant to your topic. That are visualy attractive to the reader and entertaining.
  5. After researching choose a program that will help you best illustrate your idea with. It can be anything from word, pages to Pinktochart and AdobeIllustrator.
  6.  A website that can be very helpful is www.easel.ly.com. It is a program that has preset themes and an easy drag and drop too. Here is a website that will tell you step by step how to use it. For beginners this website is extremely useful.
  7. Lastly edit everything, and finish the final product.

For more information on this steps you can click here.

No matter if you are using a Mac or a Pc there are different kinds of graphs available. The basic kinds of graphs are bar graphs, charts, pie charts. These can be found both in Word and Pages. From there it is important to keep in mind that sometimes less is more. While some people believe that an inforgraphic with a lot of drawings and information and color is good, this is not always true. The simpler the graph is, the easier it would be to understand for the reader. For someone who is new to infographics this will be the right way to go.

On the other hand if you are capable of creating more complex ones then go ahead, don’t be scared to use other kinds of programs. Word and pages are basic programs but there are others like Pinktochart and AdobeIllustrator that are more advances. By using this programs a lot more designs will be available, and creatively they are a lot more fulfilling. Here are some links to help you step by step create your own customized infographics.

Karen Michelle Sepulveda us currently a student at the University of South Florida. She is a sophomore  studying advertising in the college of business.

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