Laura Boullosa


You just received a call from a company you invited you for an interview.  You are excited about it however you feel anxious and nervous because your one step away from getting your dream job. I gathered ten important steps to help you brand yourself and get the best results at the end of your interview.

1. Professional outfit: Before the interview day, always plan what you are going to wear. Choose something neat, formal and professional-looking. Something that makes you feel comfortable and make sure you avoid excessive accessories (this can cause distraction to the interviewer).

2. Make a list:  Write down all the  things you have to prepare and to bring with you in the interview. Things that can be on that list are resume, pen, and paper.

3. Research. Go to the company’s website. Read about  how long they have been in the business and the company structure. You want to feel comfortable when the interviewer ask you questions about how familiar you are with the company or why do you want to work for them.

4. Be on Time. Arrive ten to fifteen minutes earlier. You want to make sure you have time to relax before you get called

5. Greetings. Greet everyone you see in the building and while waiting for the interview to start. Always show a positive attitude and smile.

6. Be Considerate and Courteous. When it’s your time to be interviewed, be sure your cell phone is turned off or in silent mode. Extend a handshake and wait till you are asked to take a seat before sitting down.

7. Be Confident. Feel good about yourself and remember that you are there because your potential employer has seen something in you that would assist the company’s interests.

8. Make your long stories short.  You need to sell yourself, however overdoing it with long conversations that tends to get off-topic to the point that you can annoying the interviewer instead of impressing him/her. Also, your answers need to be short and simple. Listen first to what the interviewer has to say before you answer and never interrupt her or him before she or he has finished what was saying.

9. Ask Questions.  Ask questions about the company and also about the job position you have applied for.

10.Follow up. Usually, the interviewer informs you about when to expect a notification.This is a good way to avoid limiting yourself with waiting for an answer for that job, while you may want to contact other companies that have called you up or they expect you to give them an answer. If the turnaround time has already lapsed, call up the HR department to ask about your application.


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