Terrence Campbell

Audience: Workplace professionals seeking knowledge

Purpose: To inform professionals how to gain insight on successful Interviews

The main concept was pretty simple and it was to provide us professional seekers with the knowledge to take on the first test in work force. The first tip and in my opinion, the most important is to stay relaxed. Be prepared so there is no room for mistakes or sabotage. The key to success when speaking to the manager is to have background information on the firm or business you are trying to achieve. Having knowledge gives great credibility and is also impressive to who is giving you the interview. The most important overall is to be honest with yourself and the interviewee. Be honest on your resume and to whatever questions maybe asked.

There are many practical ways of presenting yourself in an interview, and appearance is a vital factor. Dress well and appropriate for the position. Do not over dress and do not under dress. Being flashy will not be preferred because it is a distraction. Dress accordingly and have good posture and eye contact. Also a handshake is a must, do not forget this part!


In my personal experience I have had only three interviews and the most important was to the Guy E Burnette Jr. Law Firm. I was completely honest and calm from the beginning all the way through the end. I ended up learning things about my interviewee as well as they did about myself. It was a great experience and I fortunately received the position.

When wrapping up the interview you shall make sure to have a few questions to clarify any details you do not understand. Asking the interviewee if they have anymore questions is also the right thing to say. It shows initiative and that you are serious about this profession.

Last but not least you should celebrate when the interview is over. Congratulate yourself and think positive. You may have made mistakes but that is all part of the learning curve when becoming successful at interviews. Follow up with your interviewer and ask them politely when and if they will be contacting you in the future. It shows you want the job


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