Blogging Your Way to Efficiency

Rosie_The_BloggerTechnological advances are all around us. They are seen daily around each and every corner of daily life. Some aspects of it are good, some not so much. One thing that I personally appreciate from technology is that it gives us the abilities as humans to communicate better. Let’s be honest for a moment. Are we truly that good at communication with one another, or could we use some improvement? Ask almost anyone and the answer more than likely would come back as a unanimous yes.
Let us take newsletters as a case in point. Newsletters have been used for decades and to keep individuals from all over informed of the goings on of organizations, clubs and groups from all walks of life. While they have certainly done their job over the years, they definitely lack in a few ways. One way specifically is with its lack of speed. A newsletter must be written, printed and then mailed to all the subscribers. This becomes extremely inefficient when you are dealing with time sensitive information. Another downfall of a newsletter is its effectiveness in communicating information. The letter describes what is going on, but exactly how does feedback happen? Part of communication is feedback and interaction. It is extremely hard to communicate when information is received via a newsletter because interaction with others is minimal. There has to be a way of improving this way of interaction.
As stated before, technology has crept up on us over the past several decades. With these advances has come blogging. Blogging is an amazing little invention given to us to help us communicate more effectively and efficiently. As defined by, a blog is a journal written on-line and accessible to users of the internet.
If you just stop and think about the fact that anyone that has access to the internet can access a blog at any time from anywhere, that is truly amazing. Our lives have literally been changed forever. I am in now way downplaying the importance that newsletters have had on society for years, but blogging completely changes the way people communicate. No longer does someone have to wait for the information to be presented to them by the post office. The information can be now be exchanged instantaneously. The issues with time sensitive materials not being delivered in a timely manner have now gone away. There is no more lag time when the information is blogged. The other issue with effectiveness has also gone away. The interaction between colleagues from these groups can now be shared with all interested parties. Each individuals thoughts and feelings can be heard and better understood with blogging. This has literally changed communication for the better.
In no way am I trying to discredit the importance of newsletters. I simply want all of the interested parties to understand exactly how exciting it is to know that our ways of improving communication have arrived. I encourage everyone to try out blogging and find out exactly what it can do to better serve you and your organizations. The outcomes will certainly improve.

Gregory Peters is a healthcare professional with more than 12 years of experience in cardiology as a cardiac sonographer. He is seeking both a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from the University of South Florida. 


2 thoughts on “Blogging Your Way to Efficiency

  1. I do agree that technology has given us an opportunity to share information and news almost immediately, there is something tangible, something sacred about physically holding a newsletter, novel, or any other printed media. Just like gasoline, the smell of a fresh newspaper or freshly printed paperback novel ignites the senses and brings back to memory the joys of reading a good book. As technology continues to progress, we are forced to give up the “sensory” environment for an electronic interaction.

  2. I also agree that technology have given us a new ways in which to communicate with one another. Although I believe that world today is less socializing at personal level than ever was, and yet, people are expressing themselves more freely than ever by means of blogging and so forth. It is indeed a powerful tool that can be used advantageously; however, I believe society must consider long-term effect of such technological tool.

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