How Will Text Lingo Affect Your Work?

In today’s technological society many writers have a habit of writing in text lingo or writing with incorrect grammar. The readers that read your blog or writings will take your company and you as a writer more seriously if you come across as being professional. There are many ways that a writer and a company can avoid mistakes such as bad grammar, unprofessionalism, and low quality writing. Something that can sway a reader’s perception of a writer is by catching numerous grammatical errors throughout their writing. Eliminating grammatical errors and maintaining a professional tone throughout the writing will keep the message professional.

Majority of habits begin with people forming bad habits. The only way that one could eliminate these bad habits are to form new, better habits. There are a number of Americans that text and use shortcut words such as LOL, BRB and BTW when they post on social media sites and message friends. One way that someone could begin to avoid the use of shortcut words could be to change the way you write on social media sites. When you login to your Facebook page, how many people on your Facebook page type a grammatically correct status update? By typing grammatically correct status updates, it will make you as a writer more prone to always using correct grammar. By doing this simple step, one will increase awareness when it comes to their writing.

Another method a writer could use to become more grammatically correct and professional in their writing is to use correct grammar when writing e-mails and text messages. By forming these habits a writer will become use to writing in correct grammar and tones. Most phone services allow 160-character text messages. Majority of texting users use shortcuts and incorrect grammar when texting because of the limit to texting set at 160-characters. Although it may be difficult to lower the usage of shortcuts and grammatical errors in your text messaging, it will be very beneficial in the end to cut down on the number of errors. If someone is an iPhone user and they are texting another iPhone user their text messaging turns into an iMessage. On an iMessage, the iPhone user has an unlimited number of characters that they can send, which makes it easier to cut down on the number of shortcuts used while texting.LOL

A study once showed that if you continue something for 21 days that it will become a habit and the person will continue this new, improved habit for many days, months, and years after. These simple steps and habits will make a writer become more aware of writing in a professional tone and will hopefully decrease the number of grammatical errors in their writing.  There are both positive and negative effects when it comes to writing, but the positive effects outweigh the negative effects. When a writer writes using bad grammar and uses an unprofessional tone it can negatively affect the writer and the company that the writer is from. A person may be a fantastic writer but grammatical errors could potentially hinder a reader from seeing the writer’s skill.

My name is Kelsey Tucker and I am a student at the University of South Florida. I am currently enrolled in ENC 3250.700.

3 thoughts on “How Will Text Lingo Affect Your Work?

  1. Kelsey, I can definitely agree with your blog post. There have been a number of times that I have been writing a paper and have accidently use an acronym for a common phrase. I see it happen more often when I am sending a professional e –mail. It is difficult to evoke an emotion without sending a smiley face, but for the sake of being professional I have learned that it is not always necessary.
    -Denise Aiyedatiwa

  2. Kelsey, I really enjoyed reading your blog post. For one, almost everyone in today’s society has a problem with text lingo being accidentally injected into their professional work. This makes your blog post very appropriate. Also, you do well at explaining how having text lingo in your writing will effect your credibility and readibility. I was very interested in your statistic about how if you do something 21 days in a row, it becomes a habit. This is interesting because almost everyone today texts daily. Overall, great blog post and I was very intrigued.
    -Nicholas Stylos

  3. Kelsey, this is such a great topic to be cover. I know personally that I do a large amount of texting and therefore my grammar tends to be unprofessional. I do not use things like BRB and LOL in emails or paper but I do find myself accidentally typing slang into documents that I should not. I like how you look at this as forming a new and better habit rather than a bad one. -Ashley Day-

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