Decisions, Decisions: Should I Include It In My Résumé?

When it comes down to creating a résumé, everyone knows the basic sections that should be included: work experience, education, skills, etc.  Sometimes, you may run into a situation where you don’t know if a hiring manager would want to see certain bits of information. Instead of stressing out or contemplating the situation for hours, use these rules of thumb to determine if you should include it or not.

gpaShould I include my…

Grade Point Average (GPA)—If you have recently graduated from college and your GPA is over a 3.0, your GPA should most definitely be included in your résumé because employers should know that you excelled in school. However, if you graduated several years ago or your GPA is lower than a 3.0, it is best to leave it off so that employers don’t throw away your résumé before they see your other credentials.

Address—Your home address should be included on your résumé so that an employer has an easy way to send items in the mail.  It is important to include both a current and a permanent address if applicable.  For example, if you are in college but applying for a job near your permanent address, you should include both.  This allows an employer to contact you at your current address while letting them know that you are applying for a job that it is in the same vicinity as your home.

headshotHeadshot—Unless you are applying for a modeling or acting position, including a picture is not necessary or even recommended.  You should not let an employer make judgments about the way you look before they even review the rest of your résumé. Not to mention, employers may feel uncomfortable if there is the possibility that they could be accused of discriminating based on appearance.


Expected pay—Including an expected salary is not recommended because stating a rate either too high or too low could ruin your chances of getting an interview.  If the employer specifically asks, you should include a range, but be sure to make sure that it is reasonable for the job you are applying for.

References—Unless specified by the employer, leave references off of your résumé.  You should, however, always have references in mind in case they ask for them at an interview or later on in during the hiring process.

Icautionrrelevant Work Experience—If you cannot find a way to relate your past work experience to the current position you are applying for, then you should leave it off your résumé.

Unrelated Interests—You should never lie and say that you enjoy something that you in fact do not, however, only include hobbies that could relate to the position you are trying to obtain.  Golf, for example, would be a good choice of a hobby to include because golf is an excellent sport to know how to play in the business world.

Volunteer Work—It is always a good idea to include information on volunteer and service work that yvolunteerou have been involved in.  Employers look for well-rounded candidates that can balance a job as well as many other activities.

Objective—A clear and concise objective is a must.  Including a brief and very specific objective statement shows the employer that you are driven and have specific goals in mind.

Jordin Vorisek is a undergraduate at the University of South Florida studying Accountancy. She is currently enrolled in Professional Writing (ENC 3250).


One thought on “Decisions, Decisions: Should I Include It In My Résumé?

  1. I think you did an excellent job with the topic for this blog because it is relevant and useful to anyone that is applying for a job. Also the readability of the post is done very nicely. The use of categories to separate different topics of information helps the reader to differentiate everything in their mind. Also the use of images throughout the post helped readers stay engaged and be able to put an image with the topic. In the future I would suggest adding more hyperlinks to give readers more options to look further into your topic.
    -Justine McDaniel

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