The Many Forms of Résumés

Usually at the age of 16, most people begin creating a simple black and white résumé to help them get their first job. As we get older and further our education, our résumés tend to get a little extensive due to our experience and other jobs we have had. As you get older, it may be time to delete that childhood résumé and build a new one. With this being said, it is important to know that there are many different forms of résumés. The ones that I will be discussing are chronological résumés, functional résumés, combination résumés, and online résumés.

Chronological Résumé

The chronological résumé is when the work experience section is the highlight of the paper. Your work experience is usually placed after your contact information. When listing your work experience you should list the job that you last held starting with the employers name and location, your job title, and the dates you held this position. Following your work experience is the rest of the essential for your résumé like education and special skills.

Functional Résumé

In the functional résumé your skills and capabilities are emphasized, showing what you are able to contribute to the companies you are applying for. This style of résumé is helpful for those who have little work experience but the skills needed for the job. A few benefits of this résumé is employers are able to see how you are beneficial to them without having to read through your job descriptions, you can put emphasis on earlier job experience, and you can deemphasize any lack of career progress or lengthy unemployment.

Combination Résumé

The combination résumé is a mixture of both the chronological résumé and the functional résumé. It uses the skills focus from the functional résumé as well as the job history from the chronological résumé. In this résumé, it focuses on your skills if you do not have a long history or steady work experience without it appearing as if you are trying to cover up something in your past.

Online Résumé

resume example

With the advancement of technology every day it is not surprising that some companies enjoy the use of online résumés. These résumés can be on the forms of personal webpages, E-portfolios, or even multimedia résumés. With online résumés, you have many options of what type of résumé you want to create using those different forms. You are able to upload any videos or links, which you have created; that you feel would be helpful to your overall view by the employers. There are many sites you can go to, like for example, to help you build your online résumé. If you are to create an online résumé, be sure that you post things that will only effect you in a positive way because the smallest slip up can cost you the biggest job opportunity.

Which is Right for You?

With the description of these different résumés, I hope you are able to figure out which one would be beneficial to you. It is important to remember not all forms of résumés are the right one for everyone. Your résumé should fit your own background, which will help it be more effective.

Kemberlee’ Young is a student at the University of South Florida with a major in Public Health. She dreams of one day becoming a Registered Nurse specializing in Pediatrics.


One thought on “The Many Forms of Résumés

  1. Finding the right format for a resume can be a difficult task since there are so many out there. I personally thought that every resume should have a job description list for the employer, however after reading about a functional resume I have learned different. I tend to use the combination resume so that the employer can get a better feel of everything I have to offer in hopes of being called for an interview.

    -Denise Aiyedatiwa

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