Before You Suit Up

The interview process is not all just about answering the same old questions asked at each and every interview. It is not just about preparing for the questions, but preparing yourself and your readiness for the interview. While the questions asked are a very important part of the interview, there are also a few other things that are important as well. People do not always realize that the interviewer is most likely judging other things too.

Business meeting

Preparing for an interview is important, that means you should know exactly where and when the interview would be held. To ensure you show up in the correct place at the correct time, you should go the day before just to see the exact amount of time it takes to get there. Even on the day of the interview, you should give yourself more time than necessary, because you never know how traffic will be on the way there. The worst thing you could do at an interview is arriving late so be sure you are early. Even if you are early that gives you even more time to prepare. You can go over key points of your resume that you would like the interviewer to know.

When you get to the interview site, be sure to act professionally the entire time. Respect everyone you encounter and be really friendly. Make sure to not chew gum, eat or drink.  According to Bovee and Thill, you never know what will offend the interviewer so eat and drink beforehand so you are not hungry during the interview. Remember that the interviewer is also looking at your behavior and not just the answers to the questions that the interviewer is asking you. Just make sure that your best qualities are shown during the interview process, and that includes the time you are waiting for the interview.

Another important part of getting ready for an interview is making sure you have a professional image. This means that you should be well clothed and well groomed. Image can show who you are as a person and how professional you can be. Both men and women should have a neat adult like hairstyle. A conservative business suit is a must, and limited jewelry should be worn. Tattoos and piercings should also be covered up, according to Bovee and Thill. The reason why men and women need to dress like this is because image is the first impression of a person. If you go to an interview not dressing professionally, no one will take you seriously. Even though you might have a specific style and may want to express yourself, an interview is not the place to show it. If you do not know what to wear for an interview, you can research about the type of place you are interviewing for or you can simply ask someone that works in the same industry.

Preparing for interviews can make the interview process a breeze. Without preparation, it is possible that you will not be ready. It is important that you are ready for anything an interviewer throw out at you. Always remember do not hesitate to go online or ask questions if you are not sure of what to do.

Tara Cooper is a Business Marketing Student at the University of South Florida. She hopes to one day work in the marketing Industry.

One thought on “Before You Suit Up

  1. Thank you for writing a blog about interviews and what to do. There are a lot of us that forget to leave early even if you think it may be too early because traffic can be unpredictable. I also wanted to add that sometimes if you arrive early to the interview they will give you the questions that they will ask you so you can be more prepared especially if you are interviewing for the health department.

    -Carea Robinson

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