Don’t Forget To Dot Your “i”s! – What Not to Forget When Crafting a Professional E-mail

When trying to communicate your message to a boss or other professional person, it may emailsometimes be challenging to know exactly what to say or how to say it. It is important that this E-Mail is constructed perfectly so that the audience thinks highly of you, which makes your message more effective. Before you construct this all-important E-Mail to your prospective boss or hiring manager, do not forget these all-important tips that will help you get the job. First, here are some tips given by Bruce Mayhew, President of Bruce Mayhew Consulting.

Now, here are my tips:

1.    Make Your Main Point Known- It is important to let your audience know what the main point of the e-mail is right from the beginning. This is desirable because many people do not like waiting until the end to find out what you are trying to convey.  By not making your main point known right from the beginning, you are minimizing your recipients’ interest. Richard Nordquist of also offers this as great advice.

2.    Avoid Writing Like You Text- It might seem cool or fitting to use abbre-

text speakviations and acronyms like “LOL” or  “TTYL” while texting, but in the business setting this form of communication is a big no-no. You must always use complete words and present yourself as a professional, not a buddy. This makes your message more credible and will more likely keep your recipient on the same page as you.

3.    Avoid Being Vague- It is important that you do not use vague words in your e-mail like “a little”, “a lot” “close to” or “almost”. Make sure that the recipient knows exactly what you are talking about at all times.

4.    Bigger is Not Always Better- You must understand that the body of your e-mail does not necessarily have to be extremely lengthy to get your point across. Don’t waste any words or space, but make sure you are polite at all times. If your messages body is too long and wordy, the recipient might begin to be disinterested. You never know how long they plan to look over your message.

5.    Leave Contact Information- Do not forget to leave your information at the end of the message so that they know various way to get back to you. By leaving this information out, it makes it harder for your intended recipient to respond. Leave your name (of course), your phonee-mail, your telephone number and where you go to school or work.

6.    Proofread- Always remember to read over your message for spelling or grammar mistakes. These errors take away from your credibility and overall message. If it is possible to have someone else look over the e-mail before you send it, you should. A second pair of eyes can never hurt your message.

7.    Send the Message- It is now time to send the professional e-mail. Good Luck!

8.    Responding- If your recipient has responded to the initial e-mail, It is important to respond as quickly as possible. The general rule of thumb is that you should respond within 24 hours of receiving the e-mail. If you need additional time to respond for some reason, you should indicate that within the time frame of 24 hours.

Nicholas Stylos is studying Finance at the University of South Florida, one day intending to be a financial advisor. He is currently enrolled in Professional Writing at USF.


One thought on “Don’t Forget To Dot Your “i”s! – What Not to Forget When Crafting a Professional E-mail

  1. This is a very helpful post especially when you mention avoid writing like you text. I see many people who send emails and they type as if they are texting. It’s sad because at times they do not even realize they are doing it. This minor mistake can have big effects in the professional world which is why I now text using whole words instead of using the “TTYL’s” or “IDK’s”

    -Kemberlee’ Young

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