How to Transform a Written Report into an Oral Report


Now that you have written your report, you may have to present this information in front of your peers or superiors. With all effort that had gone into the report you want the final step to be as perfect as the rest. Be for you do any thin first you must look at the differences between the style and tone you have written in versus the style and tone that is comfortable to speak in.

Let’s start by talking about a couple similarities between a written report and an oral report.

First is that they both have a very similar structure. When you write a paper you open with an introduction, support your claims with evidence and data in your body, and then finish with a well rounded conclusion. An oral Presentation is quite the same; you start by announcing the topic and give a few key points about what is to come. Next you will move in to the “body” or the bulk of your presentation, this is where you discuss all the pertinent information from the body of your report. Then it is crucial to tie the entire presentation together with a strong conclusion.

Another important similarity is tone and style. Though tone and style now refer to how you speak, it is not all that different than when you are writing. You still need to hold the listeners’ attention and that is done by appealing to your audience with a comforting, yet authoritative tone. If you writing about a topic you must approach it from a stand point that is easy to understand by the masses. It’s even more so the case when it comes to spoken word. People cannot hear you report again, the way that they so simply reread you written document. You should be clear and straight forward.

So how do you take a written report and turn it into an outstanding oral report?

Building the base of an oral report starts with the similarity of the structure between written and oral writing; because you already have all the components there, all you need to do is extract the most relevant information. If you started with an outline, that’s the key, if not it’s time to make one. Your outline should consist of three headings: introduction, body, and conclusion. Under each heading, group the information in the way that you could imagine saying it. When you are sorting through your report and editing out the finer points, it’s good to remember that you need enough information to keep the speech interesting and complete. Now that you have your information in a less wordy format it will seem more organized and inspire you to elaborate on your topics rather than read them from a paper.

Now let’s add in some of the differences, which you will need to utilize in your oral report.

With an oral report you are leaving you audience with nothing to look at, that will all change when you create a slide show presentation or visual aid to accompany the speech. This will not only keep their attention, but reinforce your message. While you no longer have to worry about spelling or where to put the comma, there is a whole new set of issues. You must pay attention to you delivery, pronouncing your words fully is critical. You also have to manage your gestures and expressions to match what you
are saying.

The last step is to remain calm you have already done the hard part, which was writing the report, now all you have to do is sit back and talk for a few minutes.

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Kevin Krauss

University of South Florida

ENC 3250

Last Edit: 12/07/2012

One thought on “How to Transform a Written Report into an Oral Report

  1. This was very helpful because I have to give oral presentations all the time. Sometimes I do not know how exactly to go about them. I have now learned that the easiest way to complete an oral presentation is to outline the written report, this way all of the important information is recognized. I know it is important to use the important information otherwise the oral presentation is somewhat boring. After reading this I will be able to complete a well written oral presentation.

    – Tara Cooper

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