5 Strategies For Effective Facebook Posts

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According to Facebook, there are one billion monthly active users, and the average user creates 90 pieces of content each month. There is no doubt that Facebook is becoming extremely popular. Many are taking advantage of this popularity and are using Facebook to promote their brand.

Whether you already have a Facebook page or are considering creating one, thinking about the types of things you’ll post is important. Facebook posts are how you’ll communicate with your audience so you want to make sure you are posting relevant, engaging, and interesting information that fits with your mission and goals.

Here are 5 strategies for writing effective Facebook posts:

1.       Keep it short.

People scan Facebook, they don’t read it. Research conducted by Buddy Media showed that when it comes to Facebook Wall posts, short and sweet is the way to go. Posts with 80 characters or less receive 23% higher interaction than longer posts.

2.       Consider your audience.

Make sure you draw people into what you are saying. Discuss topics people love and ask questions to spark dialogue. Posts with questions generate more comments and interaction than those with non-questions.

3.       Use photos.

There is no type of content that elicits a better response than photos. A blog post by AllFacebook.com, reports that a study conducted by social commerce company Roost found that photos account for an average of 50% more impressions than any other post type, as well as 22% more interactions.

There is no doubt that adding pictures to a post can be an extremely beneficial way to increase the effectiveness of your it. However, when you share photos, make sure they are eye-catching in a smaller version. You want to keep in mind the people that will see a reduced size in their news feed or mobile application.

4.       Choose the right time.

The best time to post on Facebook is outside of normal business hours. Most Facebook users access the site when they are out of work or school. This means posting early morning, at the finish of the work day, or late at night. Posting at the right time will give you better results.

Also, posting one or two times a day produces a better result than posting three to four times a day. You do not want to bombard fans with too many posts. For more information on when to post you can check out an article by Internet Marketing titled, “Best Time to Post Links on Facebook and Twitter For Maximum Reach.”

5.       Tell fans what to do.

Your fans will follow your instructions; the simpler the instruction, the better. If you want Fans to “Like” your post, instruct them to do so. Similarly, if you want to encourage comments, ask for them. Simple calls to action will make your Facebook page grow.

I hope these 5 strategies can be of great help in maximizing the effectiveness of your Facebook posts. Social media is increasing more than ever so take advantage and promote your brand so you can build a stronger following.

Candy Sanchez is an undergraduate student attending the University of South Florida. She is majoring in accounting and finance. She hopes to graduate soon and become an excellent public accountant.

2 thoughts on “5 Strategies For Effective Facebook Posts

  1. Your post gives a lot of great information. You stated that if you want fans to “like” a photo or status just state so, I never thought that people on Facebook do exactly what you tell them to do. Timing of a Facebook post I never thought that it could have so much impact as what you stated in the post. The strategies that you posted are very useful and any business or company on Facebook should try and follow them.

    -Carea Robinson

  2. This was a really informative post. I would have never thought of all of the five strategies you listed above. I never would have thought that simply telling fans to “like” an event or something like that would work. I thought the importance of photos was well described.The strategies you listed in this blog were very informative and very useful to me and I am sure to many businesses out in the working world.

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