Blogging- the “Formal” Social Media Channel

In today’s society both in personal and business environments, social networking has become one of the largest mediums for people to interact, communicate, share ideas, and transmit information.  Unfortunately this rapid acceleration in the advancement of technology has given rise to the largest threat to professional writing.  Anybody with a smart phone and/or access to the internet is familiar with and probably uses SMS language or, as Wikipedia calls it, “textese”. This threat to professional writing has slowly but surely made its way into professional email and chat communication.  Many business professionals nowadays use this shorthand language to communicate with coworkers while at work.


The ability to write professionally is like any other learned skill, it takes time and much practice to perfect it.  A professional blog is the perfect medium to hone this skill.  Writing a blog gives you the opportunity to articulate your thoughts and ideas into words and share them with other business professionals.  It is a great way to express your opinion and obtain feedback in a formal and professional written environment.  Because blog posting is a continuous, conversational type communication it allows you to build on the original thought or idea and expand or improve as the blog progresses.  By sharing information, readers of your blog who might have more knowledge or insight on a particular subject will be able to correct and share their knowledge.

Blogging takes time to research and perfect before posting.  Unlike other social media that depends on instant and often emotional random posting, blogging has become the more formal social networking communication channel.  The research involved in a good blog is because the goal is to teach a wide audience what you know or have learned.  Many bloggers use this outlet as a self-help device because the author of the blog will share  what they know but also research to expand their knowledge on that topic, thereby learning even more that what they were originally intending to blog about.  Due to the fact that the content in a blog has been researched, you will  gain the proper attention of your audience.

In order for an author of a blog to be taken seriously or seem as a voice of authority on their topic, the blog needs to be well written, clear, concise, and free of grammatical errors.  The tone in many blogs is professional, often relying on facts and data to communicate a message or idea rather than relying on emotional responses, personal opinions, and/or “status” updates.  If we encouraged more business professionals to communicate through blogs it would restore the professionalism to communication in the workplace environment.


Jamie Langlois is a junior at the University of South Florida.  She is working towards a degree in Finance.  Jamie has ten years experience in a professional environment.


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