Connect with the Fans, don’t destroy it!


When I think of Facebook, I think of connecting with family/friends, creating events and personalizing my own webpage; I would have never thought of the business opportunities it created for so many companies. When I started to type this blog, I decided to open up Facebook on my computer and I saw ads for CarMax, Pepsi, Province Apartments and also Vitamin Water.  Ads from companies appeared in almost every page of the website. The rumors were true. Here is an example of an Ad on Facebook.


So I did my own research on this matter and was surprised by the huge impact it has on companies; especially in the United States. An article I found, were the four top retail stores in the United States; which are: Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Wal-mart. Those companies made on average over forty dollars more online than in stores because of the marketing ability of Facebook. A good example of how I can describe it to you. Say I tell 100 of my friends about a new Xbox game, coming out on Facebook. Then 20 of my friends get back to me about it and they tell 30 of their friends. Eventually it spreads to a wide range of people. Facebook has become a revolutionary tool where a

In Andrea Vahl blog, she explains how social media sites such as Facebook need to be used to connect with the customers or fan base, not pester the audience. She speaks about how small businesses are increasing the use of Facebook for their business. But small businesses sometimes hurt themselves by not staying on top of their Facebook webpages or promoting their business as well. Gatorade, for instance, as used some effective techniques to reach out to customers. Some of the ways are:

  • Not trying to sell their products to customers on Facebook
  • Promoting good sportsmanship or life lessons
  • Asking fans for input on products

A local business that did well in mastering the technique of Facebook to connect with their customers is a baker called Clearwater Bagels. This business recently put up a Facebook post to ask customers what they were doing for Thanksgiving Day. They also put up some trivia or questions about the interests of their customers. The business rarely puts up a post to promote the products it sells in their shop. A business needs to be interested in others and not dominate a good marketing tool, Facebook. Below is a company using Facebook correctly.


If you can notice above, Perky-Pet introduced many giveaways to its customers and fans. The technique is good because the company was not trying to shove products in the face of its customers. It has shown in the bottom left corner of the picture above, that Perky-Pet has almost a 5 star quality from its fans. In return the company constantly has their fans return to their Facebook page; which an end result, most likely leads the fan or customer to their store or to their online website to purchase Perky-Pet’s products.

I welcome comments on this blog.

John Hurley is a current student at the University of South Florida. He is studying Business Administration and a minor in public health. You can follow me at: 

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