Distributing Your Résumé

Through a website, in person or maybe in an email? It’s important that however you send in your résumé that it is done properly! The résumé is the first and possibly the only thing that an employer will have of you. So although sending it in doesn’t seem like a big deal, it is a vital part of getting a job.


The first method of distributing a résumé I am going to discuss is when you are mailing in a printed résumé. A printed résumé should be on the same paper that the cover letter is printed on. The paper should not be any crazy colors; just simple white or buff colored paper is the best choice. When choosing the envelope to send the résumé in the best choice is a 9 x 12 standard envelop. Therefore the résumé does not have to be folded making it seem more put together.

The second method of distributing your résumé is through an email. Many times the employer will specify how to email your cover letter and résumé. If the employer is asking for the résumé as an attachment then simply attach the résumé. In this case the body of the email should be short and sweet. Here is an example:

Dear Mr. Rogers,

I am applying for the position of Grant Writer at Friends of the Earth, which I saw posted recently on Idealist.org. I’m extremely enthusiastic about this opportunity and believe I am well qualified. My cover letter and resume are attached; please let me know if you have any trouble opening the attachments. Thank you for your consideration.


Jane Austin

However if no specifications are given then write your cover letter into the text of the email. Also, and take note because this I simportant, make sure you résumé is named appropriately. Names such as “resume5723” and “Iwantthisjob” do not look good to an employer. The name should be simple and easily understood such as “yournamerésumé.” Also when emailing your résumé it is a good idea to send it to another person or yourself first to make sure that when it is sent the format is correct. In the subject of the email if the position you are applying for has a job number or reference number put that. If not then just write the position you are applying for and be specific so it is obvious and clear.

Another way your résumé may be asked for is through the employees website. This is fairly easy and similar to emailing your résumé. If the website just asks you to submit the file then that’s all you have to do (reminder to make sure the name of the file is appropriate!). However sometimes it will be more of an application process where it will ask questions and you will have to take parts from your résumés and paste them into the answer sections. In this case it is important to make sure that the sections of your résumé are answering each part of the question thoroughly.

Another way to distribute your résumé is through job websites. When posting to different job websites it is important to make sure that you are aware of the privacy and security policies. Since there is personal information usually on your résumé it is important to make sure you are aware of who can see this information. Job websites are a good way to get your résumé out there. Here is a list of some popular websites that your résumé can be posted to: Monster, LinkedIn, Career Builder and Indeed.


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