Gadgets That Get you Through the Day.

Whether you are sending a email to your boss or preparing for a important business meeting with your future clients, unexpected idea that can make or break your day that you haven’t yet thought of in the preparation could come at you at a surprise.  You may have idea for your vlog that must be captured at moments notice.  There are numerous gadgets that will allow you to accomplish those unexpected task so you can go about your day worry free.

Take a quick memo of your thoughts using smart phone application such as iphone application Notes, aNotes, QuickNote, etc.  Some of these apps will allow notes to be sent to designated email address with just a click.

Use company intranet to communicate with your peers and express your thoughts.  Some companies use third vender to run their inter-departmental networking.  Blogs and forums are often categorized by their departments so that ideas or discussion that you may post will be read by colleagues of same occupational specialties.  The human resource department often scouts online posting for possible candidates in future promotions.

When documents are received and view via portable devices such as smart phones or tablet pc’s, be sure to have ePrinter application downloaded.  These ePrint capable printers will allow user to remotely print documents without hassle of USB cable or in-Network compatibility.  Printing options for some of ePrint capable printers will be limited when printed via ePrint; however, most common function will be reside within its application.

When multi-tasking and hands are just short of supply, try Dragon by Nuance, Inc.  This refined speech-to-text software allows user to speak naturally and allows inputs to display on word applications.  Many of its kind have surfaced in past, this application have fixed many bugs that are usually associated with speech-to-text software such as jargon recognition and grammatical representation.  It supports multiple languages and sensitive to most range of vocal range.  When few vocal commands are mastered, this software will allow flawless transformation of spoken words to the computer screen.  Please view this commercial clip from Nuance.

There are many “shoot and share” devices available in today’s camcorder market.  The Flip still demonstrate its ease of usability by keeping simple buttons and user-interface.  When video blogging must go on the fly, try this portable device and you’ll have your video clip posted on choice of your website in no time.

sky_lifestyleLivescribe by Livescribe, Inc will allow easy capture of written documents to the computer screen without the hassle of big scanning devices.  Simply trace Livescribe, a pen with computer built in it, and connects it to the computer for ease transfer.  It also allows user to capture voice recording so quick memo can be stored on the fly.

An iphone application called Best Prompter will ease tension of speaking in front of a large audience.  With this application, user may set up documents as how it will be presented during a presentation.  Application will trace location of documents using faded line to let user visibly know where they are in their report.

These are just some of gadgets that are extremely useful in above described situations.  There are other gadgets that are capable accomplishing much fancier tasks.  Those will be covered in my later blog so don’t forget to check back once in a while to get informed.

Yaritza Knowell is currently a student at University of South Florida.  She majors in business administration and hope to one day become a certified public accountant.

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