Getting the Job: Conquering the Experience Section of your Resume.

Resumes are one of the key documents when searching for a career or new job. They provide a way of showing a future employer your qualities, attributes, and skills in an easy to read format. All of this information is divided into sections like education, employment history, experience, and special skills. One of the most important sections of the resume is the experience section. This section allows you to make yourself stand out from everyone and it shows that you are a good candidate for the job.

To begin, you must first know how to properly format and organize this section. The formats for resumes include combination, chronological, and functional. A combination resume focuses more on the work experience of a field if you don’t have a lot of employment history, where as a chronological resume uses the experience section to show employment history. Either format is correct you just have to choose which is best for you. Regardless of choosing a format some aspects remain the same. You have to remember to present your information in reverse chronological order, starting from most recent, and also to separate each specific experience with bullets and spaces.

When writing the content of this section it is important to highlight the qualities which will benefit you in the future job you are applying to. Always write the title of the job, the year you obtained the position, and give a brief explanation of your duties. Accent duties you held during that position and also specific goals that you accomplished such as reducing manufacturing cost from $100,000 to $75,000 or by explaining a program you created that helped benefit that work place. Remember always try to relate content back to the job you are applying to. This will help employers better compare your employment history to see if you are the right candidate for the job. Also it is important to never lie when writing this section of your resume, even if you don’t have a lot of experience. Employers would much rather see truthfulness to know that you can be a trusted worker. This website will help you choose the content you provide in this section and also how to organize it.

Another key point in writing this section of your resume is choosing correct font and text details such as underlining and bolding. The title of the section should be bold and slightly bigger than your actual experiences, that way readers know it is the start of a new section. Also you should bold or add bullet points to each specific employment title in order to establish the difference between multiple job descriptions. If you held different positions within a place of employment it is okay to add subheading underneath the titles to show these different positions. Work Experience

This image provides an example of a correct way to format the experience section of your resume. They provided their job experiences and then highlighted the skills and specific positions they held with that employer.

Justine McDaniel is a student at the University of South Florida currently studying Health Science and Dance. After completing her degree she plans on attending graduate school to be a physical therapist.


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