Getting the Job: How to Successfully Format your Resume Heading.

The heading of your resume is the first thing employers see when they view your resume; therefore it’s one of the most important parts. Headings for resumes usually stay constant in the information presented. They include your name, address, phone number, and email address in a very structured manner. The heading should be very well organized because it is the first thing employers see and because it contains valuable information about yourself that tells employers who you are. This is the information that allows employers to contact you for an interview or offer you a job.

To start off, there are many different ways to organize the content in your heading. Often times it doesn’t matter which format you choose as long as it is a correct structured one. An example of formats can be found here. This shows different placement options and ways to structure the information. Your heading should follow this structure of information though.

  1. The information of a heading always starts out with your name. Mostly you should always use your full birth name, but in some circumstance such as if your name is long or complicated it is okay and beneficial to use a nick name.
  2. Next your current address. It is very important in this section not to misspell anything. Think about how it would look to an employer if you misspelled your own address. Also make sure to keep this updated, it is very common for people obtain new addresses over years.
  3. Then your phone number. It is always a good idea to provide a phone number where you can be most easily contacted. Also it is okay and a good idea to provide an alternative number in case they were unable to reach you. Just like the address section it is important to keep this updated. Employers are not going to want to search for you and find the correct number to contact you at.
  4. Last is your email address. It is keen that you make sure your email address is appropriate. It shouldn’t say anything like “”. Employers would find this very inappropriate and not professional. If your email is something like this it is very easy to create a new one with all of the free email sites. It can be very beneficial to have an account just for professional purposes.

After you have written all of your information, the next step is to check the font. Never use anything that looks like cursive or comic book writing it should just be kept for simple and professional. It is okay though to and bolding to your name and make if a little larger than the rest of your information. Also you must correctly place it on your paper. There is no definite place it has to be so long as it is either in the center, towards the left, or towards the right. Any option is correct it is just what you prefer.Sample resume heading

When all of this is done you have successfully completed the heading of your resume. It should look something like this.

Justine McDaniel is a student at the University of South Florida currently studying Health Science and Dance. After the completion of her degree she plans on attending graduate school to become a physical therapist.

One thought on “Getting the Job: How to Successfully Format your Resume Heading.

  1. I could not get your hyperlinks to open anything. I wanted to see examples of proposed acceptable formats for resumes. Also, i was curious about #1, the heading. You said it was acceptable in some circumstances to use a nickname. I would have to disagree, I believe it is important to give a full name- first middle and last so the company can perform background checks or other measures used by the company. Other than that, I enjoyed your blog and thought it presented a lot of helpful information.

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