To be Professional or Not to be?: Blogging Made Easy!

blogBlogging has been around for sometime now and it has become a way for people to write things and have them be seen by many, for free. If you search the Internet, you will find many blogs that are similar in style and similar in substance. There are many types of blogs for different interests; however, blogs are something that are used to provide the internet consumers with news, entertainment, or even informal methods to teach something.

blogging1011Before you decide to create a blog, you should learn a few things that will either make a successful blog or one that will fail immediately.  The first item of business will be, never post your blog to a non-creditable platform.  Many platforms only allow an already prefixed layout and design, if this is the case, how will your blog stand out from others. Vulgar language, poor grammar, and lack of substance will cause you blog to be an attempt at a real blog. Writing things in a blog that do not pertain to the topic or things that slander rivals names will make for a short lived blog. Last thing to keep in mind when creating your blog will be; give credit to where credit is due. If you barrow any pictures, videos, or even text, please be sure to link it back to the original source.  The things I just listed will not benefit or even be near a successful professional blog.

Blog orange

First step in creating a professional blog lies in finding a creditable platform that will host your blogs. The top three platforms are WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. These are well known credible sites that will be great platforms to host your blogs. Now that you have a platform then you must choose the perfect writing style. Make sure your write in complete clear and concise sentences. Try and write so that your writing shows a personality. Will your blogs be first person or third person? These are things you must ask yourself, either can work well in writing a professional blog. Make sure you source any information you post that is not your own.  Now you should build the proper layout for your blog, make it is easy to read, clean, font and colors. Customize the layout of your blog and try and develop a logo, these are key components to help your blog stand out from others Make sure that you chose a clean and professional layout. Always back up your blogs because platforms are known to crash and lose all the data posted to them.

blogging101Once you have done all of things that I have listed, then you are ready to advertise your blog. Advertise on your website, or social media site so that you can gain exposure for your blog. If you follow the simple steps to what I said about how to create a professional blog, then you should be a blogging sensation in no time. If you feel a bit confused about how to create a professional blog, then Check out this step by step tutorial video on how to make a blog. Thank you for reading my blog, if you liked it then please feel free to follow me on Twitter @TheRealJoeBare

The How to video for Blogging


Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 3.55.44 AMJoe Bare, Is currently majoring in Business Advertising and minoring in Public Relations at USF. Joe works two jobs while registered full time at the University of South Florida. Joe’s holds a position as server at the worlds largest steakhouse “Ruth’s Chris“. Joe also helps educate society about the benefits of Chiropractics; he is a Practice Representative for Symmetry Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Tampa, FL

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