How to Develop a Professional Twitter Following: #BeProfessional

How Should you go about creating a professional twitter account? I hope that I will be able to shed some light on how simple this can be. I am sure most of you know what I am talking about when I say Twitter? For those of you who are not in sync with one of social medias most frequently us sites. Twitter is todays who’s who of social media sites. I would say you are missing out on the new craze.

twitter-logo-breakTwitter is now the way many people stay up to date on the latest news involving celebrities, companies, and last but not least their friends and family. When I used to think of Twitter, the word professional was to far from my mind. In the past few years Twitter has become a dominating force in the social media scene. When people think of social media, the main three that come to mind are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For instance MySpace is on a downward spiral to the graveyard of forgotten social media sites. Twitter is now in a close second just behind Facebook; however, Twitter is a bit more user friendly. Twitter is very easy to grasp, the layout, and overall functionality of the site is very easy. Twitter has many functions, its purpose is to connect with friends and family, it allows companies to share important updates with clients, and it helps connect with potential clients. These are all great perks that twitter offers; nevertheless, never mix business with pleasure.

If you are someone who has a business or works for one then my first key point to get across to you will be, never post anything that is personal or that would come off to anyone as unprofessional. I will tell you what will be considered unprofessional and may come of as disrespectful to many. If you are a business, you should never bad mouth competition or post vulgar things about clients. Sounds like a no brainer, but it is in the news on how people get caught for doing something inappropriate on Twitter.  Pictures that are postedshould only pertain to the business and anything other than business related that may pertain to the business. Comments should be left in clear and concise writing rather than short hand text or improper grammar. Never over tweet, over tweeting would be considered more than 3 posts a day, some people may get the idea that your business has nothing better to do rather than playing online.

follow-me-twitter-icon-freeMy last advice is to only follow people that your company can relate to and only people or things that interest the company. The worst thing you can do is following some weird person or place that shows you condone inappropriate things. Your first task in creating a professional twitter account will be drafting up a custom background. Twitter offers many templates, but millions upon millions use these templates. Try and set yourself apart from the crowd and the rest of the world. According to there is an actual site that allows you to create your own templates. You can find the background generator at, this is a free site that allows you to customize. You should use a picture of your self if it’s a personal business, or a logo of the business so that you show credence to your followers. Post a phone number, email address, website, and even a fax. This shows your followers, your open for business and you are a creditable business. Only post images that pertain to your business and make sure none of the images ever come off as being risqué, vulgar, or unprofessional. Keep your tweets down to 2-3 tweets per day; nevertheless, make sure they a professional in substance and in grammar.


My last bit of advice, if you have to post weird crazy things about yourself then create a personal account that remains separate from your business account. I hope you liked my advice, make sure follow me on twitter @TheRealJoeBare.

Here’s a cool Video that shows you how to create a professional Twitter Background

Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 3.55.44 AMJoe Bare
, Is currently majoring in Business Advertising and minoring in Public Relations at USF. Joe works two jobs while registered full time at the University of South Florida. Joe’s holds a position as server at the worlds largest steakhouse “Ruth’s Chris“. Joe also helps educate society about the benefits of Chiropractics; he is a Practice Representative for Symmetry Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Tampa, FL


2 thoughts on “How to Develop a Professional Twitter Following: #BeProfessional

  1. When the Twitter first appearing in website ads and TVs, I never thought that this could be used on a business setting. Today, more and more business entities are posting a logo that allows users to read their tweet and post comments. Thank you for indeed shedding a light into how I could use Twitter to benefit my professional life. Great blog!

    • Yaritza, Thank you for reading my blog! If you have a couple of blogs yourself, I would be more than happy to read them. Just post back with the hyperlinks and I will make sure to view and post comments on yours. Thank you for the feedback and Happy Holidays.

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