Making Power Point Presenation More Powerful.

Presenting power point presentation can make or break presenter’s reputation and company’s reputation as well.  In order avoid pit falls that most people make while constructing a presentation, follow those simple tips and your presentation will be one to be remembered by the audience.

Beware of font size, font style, font color in power point presentation.  They are one of the most essential parts of the slides.  It can be so powerful that it sets mood for the presentation.  Just imagine a history lecture covering a medieval era using Old English Text MC.

Background image used for the power point presentation should be powerful, yet subtle.  Various techniques are used while constructing power point presentation; however, it should be agreed that background image should NEVER be omitted from the context of the presentation.  Choose a theme that compliments subject of a presentation.

Animation is used when used in a power point presentation.  It catches attention of audience if used strategically.  It should never be over used, however.  Think of entire lecture and determine where animation could be used to enhance the content of presentation.

Video clips are excellent source of visual aide in a power point presentation.  This method allows users to further engage in presentation, and often, those video clips are only thing people remember days later.  Choice of video clip must be done thoughtfully, and legally.  Just like picture clips, privacy of intellectual property applies to most video clips.

Background music, may not be associated with any particular slides, can set theme for the presentation.  It must be determine strategically when to play, at what volume, and most importantly, what to play.  It is imperative to know that any music that played during presentation is no more than a compliment to the presentation itself.

Not all visual aides must be projected onto the wall.  Traditional methods of presenting scale model in conjunction with power point presentation will spice up the presentation greatly.  It may not be suited for very large audience given in a large floor setting; however, for smaller audience, it gives real life sense of lecture if scale models are indeed applicable to the presentation.

“Don’t just talk: USE YOUR HANDS!”  This is imperative in keeping audiences’ attention.  Directing to the slide by either pointing with hand, narrow stick, or laser pointer pointing towards location of slide of interest will tell the audience to focus.

As you might think that most of tips listed here are rather common sense to most professionals.  It is easy to overlook them though, however.  Make a checklist for each tips and mark them off as you construct your presentation so when presentation is finalized, you know it has all the components it need to be a powerful power point presentation.

Yaritza Knowell is a student at University of South Florida.  She is majoring in business administration and hope to one day become a certified public accountant.

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