Mastering the Marks to Success

Basic grammar is absolutely necessary in all documents of the professional world. You are expected to follow the rules in whatever you submit from simple emails to full reports. Punctuation marks are defining marks of success that make any paper stand out. The basic separation of sentences and pauses in statements can have a big impact on how well a person will intake what he or she reads. It’s these simple marks that separate the elegant from the common. So, simple marks used correctly show that not only have you put effort into your writing but also that you have the correct knowledge of how to write proficiently.

Period’s and the foundation of punctuation marks

The period is the most commonly used punctuation mark in the world. It is used to separate sentences and break ideas apart from each other. The correct use of periods can make or break you as an author in any reader’s eyes. Failure to understand the use of periods, leads to failure in writing. Without the foundation of punctuation, your paper will crumble down. Periods can be used at the end of a command or used to end an indirect question. Periods are also used to abbreviate long words or sentences. Great use of a period displays great characteristics in any document.

The full extent of the comma

Many people think they know how to use a comma, and for the most part they do. However, many don’t use the comma to the full extent of its capabilities. The comma is mainly used by people to connect independent clauses (Brian is a good student, but did horrible on the math test).

The comma can be used to separate listed items (Brian bought a book, ruler, and pencil). The comma can also be used to break off introductory elements (Buying the pencil, he suddenly realized that he needed a pen for the exam). A simple mark with simple tasks that is simply misunderstood when it comes to writing.

Use exclamation marks to emphasize a point

Exclamation marks are typically used by writers to insert emotion into their message. An exclamation mark can be used at the end of an emphasized declaration, interjection, or command.

Many people do not know this but you can also emphasize certain words within a sentence with an exclamation mark. Simply insert an exclamation mark with parenthesis around it after the word you wish to emphasize (We have some really(!) excellent cars on the lot).

A final thing to note about exclamation marks is that when they’re included in a title or sound that is italicized, the mark itself must be italicized as well. The beauty of this symbol is that it makes any statement or point easier to emphasize.

A question mark can get the reader involved

The last basic punctuation mark is the question mark. The most common use of the question mark is to end a direct question. The most common mistake people make is they insert a question mark at the end of an indirect question and that leads to the wrong understanding of a sentence. There are ways that you can use the question mark without a direct question.

With a tag question, you are able to change a statement into a question using a question mark (He should stop drinking, shouldn’t he?). Although not demanded highly in many documents, the knowledge to properly use a question mark will come in handy from time to time.

Rajiv Yalamanchili is a student at the University of South Florida. He currently studies Information Systems Management. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

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