Standing Out without Standing Out

We live in a society with a very competitive attitude.  This is great for the economy but for the individual it is difficult.  There will always be others who are better or more qualified for a certain position than perhaps we are.  But in an almost selfish and individualistic view, we have to push and fight for our own success, our own business survival.  However, just because someone is perceived as better on paper, does not necessarily mean they will be better.

A resume is one of the most crucial pieces to secure a new job position.  It is the gateway to get in the front door.  A poor resume could quickly put an end to finding a job and terminate an opportunity without even getting an opportunity.  This is why I feel success starts with a resume.

Resumes are very difficult to write for several reasons.  You are asked to cram your entire being into a one or two page summary, while at the same time asked to summarize and provide enough detail to entice the reader.  Fortunately there are several resume building sources to help ease the process.  A couple examples are,, and even Microsoft word could be used as a tool. is a subscription site which walks you through your resume in its entirety. is a useful tool to post your resume to their site using templates and then brings employers and potential employees together in this virtual space.  Lastly, Microsoft word has a variety of templates which can help visually stimulate your resume giving it a bit of a “pop” without adding to much “flavor.”

The whole point is to find ways to standout against the competition.  I feel using a template is the best way to go in order to give it a much needed visual stimulation.  Also, it is important to choose your words very carefully and creatively in order to effectively use your resume.  It is important to note, not to fabricate lies on a resume, however do remember you are selling yourself so make yourself sound presentable.   For example, let’s say in your previous work experience you worked in a factory, and although you just worked on the floor officially, you almost were unofficially in charge of ordering supplies.  Be sure to put that in your resume that you oversaw or took care of the ordering process.    Various little things like this can really help you standout without standing out.

Have fun with your resume and remember to include any relevant information in which you think would best sell yourself.  Make it visually stimulating with a unique design, include a strong introduction, and accurately describe all your qualities in a way that shows you are the best.  You may not be the best on paper, but sell yourself as the best.  Be a salesperson here and really emphasize your strong qualities.

Nicholas Palsis is a senior at the University of South Florida studying accounting.

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