Tarah Maharaj

How has the use of text messaging and IM’s affects grammatical errors and sentence completion in professional emails?

Throughout the years text messaging had become increasingly popular to everyone. Majority of the population sends text/IM’s every hour of the day. However, texting can have negative effects towards professional email writing in the work place. You may ask why this issue is important or why is this even worth discussing about? The answer… texting habits are negatively affecting the quality of emails written in the workplace to coworker’s boss. The constant use of text messaging has only decreased to professionalism in work related emails. Punctuation and grammar is becoming a noticeable factor in work emails as well as content and extent of information presented thoroughly. In the work place, when sending emails, a lot of employees are having issues with the ability to remember proper vocabulary, spell, and write. I will further discuss this issue to help understand how serious this problem is becoming.

Punctuation and Grammar

In the work place, employees are shortening and misspelling words when writing reports or even sending emails to employees. I have even caught myself doing it. Sometimes I even believe employees do this unconsciously and forget they aren’t sending a simple text message. The most common abbreviations people in the work place are using in their emails are words including the following:

  • “Bc”- because
  • “tmrw or 2morrow”- tomorrow
  • “brb”- be right back
  • “ftf”- face to face

Here is a link you can use to learn more abbreviations that should be avoided and the proper use of writing.


text messaging

Here is a picture of abbreviations that should not be in your formal email and are considered informal.

As you may know when sending a text message you don’t really think about proof-reading it for grammar mistakes. That is becoming a growing problem when employees are sending important emails to coworkers, bosses, or even outside sources to other companies. They aren’t even bothering to re-read their paper for common error mistakes which decreases the effectiveness of professionalism.

Briefness and quickness of college writing

As we all know, text messages are short and usually only take 30 seconds to type and send. Professional email writing on the other hand, is not brief and to the point like text messages are. Writing an email should address to whom you are writing to, have an intro sentence as to why you are writing this email, a body, and a signature. Just as important is applying for a job online. Managers don’t want to hire someone who can’t even spell the word “because” correctly or write without using some derogative slang term. This makes the applicant look uneducated and unprofessional.  There is such an increasing use of text messaging that is has caused people to forget about certain vocabulary words and even the meaning and context of how it should be written in a sentence.

Overall, the main point here of this blog is to get across this important issue of texting and its negative affects professional workplace emails.

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