4 thoughts on “Top 4 Tips For Effective E-mails

  1. I thought this was a very informative blog. I bullet points displayed the information very well. I never knew the many different ways to end an email. I am also happy you have put “check grammatical mistakes” and “writing content”. I feel like both of this categories gets over looked too much in an email. Great blog!

  2. This is a great blog! You listed bullets in an organized fashion and grabbed the reader’s attention with the picture in the beginning. This category on tips for an effective email is very similar to mine about how emails should be written.

  3. Very good blog. The format was designed well with a strong introduction and then breaking up the relevant information into bullet forms for an easy read. The four step process was quick to follow, but still gave enough information to be helpful.

  4. Thought this was a great post. I chose a similar topic, but I think we took very different approaches. Although much of the information presented goes hand in hand, I believe readers will get something out of both posts. I really like the topic and think that it is very relateable to anyone who has worked in a office setting and something for others to be aware of. This was definitely easy to read and incorporated all that I would look for in an effective blog post.

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