When should I e-mail?

The use of email over the past few years has escalated. Yes, this is one of the most popular forms of communication, however as it has become more common and simply overused. People are receiving hundreds of e-mail messages per day, many of which are not necessary. Electronic mail is one form of communication that is seen as “go to” without thinking if it is the best medium to relay the message. There are certain times when e-mail is appropriate and intended to be used and there are other times when it is not.

Function of E-mail E-mail messages are not meant to replace going and speaking to someone in person, but they are much more convenient than snail mail. It is important to realize what the function of e-mail is and not just send an e-mail because it is the easiest form of communication.

Considerations when choosing to E-mail – This is a much less personal form of communication and not appropriate in all situations. However it is a formal document and like everything on the internet will be there forever.

Below you will find a message that was appropriately sent by e-mail and one that was not.

blog examp 1

Not an appropriate time to e-mail.

An issue where e-mail is an appropriate medium.

An issue where e-mail is an appropriate medium.

This issue has come up in the readings and homework and I have heard this issue discussed in the various places I have worked. This particular problem was even brought up in my Microeconomics class as we were examining the problem with common goods.

         Too much of a good thing —–> Overuse and Frustration

E-mail has become the most common form of business communication within the past few years, however we have all been abusing the convenience. There is an appropriate time to use e-mail, but there are also times when a different form of communication would be a better choice. The other problem with this widespread use of e-mail is the fact that it has not been used in a professional manner. This is one problem that I have addressed in my next blog post.

Jessica Cook is a student at the University of South Florida and studying Accounting. She currently has experience with professional e-mails in her office where she is a Fiscal Assistant for the University’s Student Affairs department.


One thought on “When should I e-mail?

  1. I think this post makes an important point that many people tend to forget. E-mail is still a professional means of communication. In the example you posted of the first, wrong, email would be more appropriate in a text message with a friend. I also agree that people do not understand or know how to properly and professionally write an email, which is a disadvantage because it has become such a popular form of communication. Especially with business partners and perspective employers.

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