Effective Tips on How to Calm Those Pre Job Interview Jitters

You’ve finally landed the interview you’ve been dreaming of and now your hit with the pre-interview jitters. Don’t fret; it’s no secret that job interviews can bring out the nerves in even the most composed people. Putting yourself on display can be an intimidating experience but by approaching it with the right mind set and taking note of these few simple tips, you can ensure that you won’t freeze on the big day.

 Do your homework:

Once you’ve landed the interview, its important to read up on the company and to know what their values/goals are. The more knowledge you have about the company the more prepared you will feel and the lower your anxiety will be. Know the company’s mission statement and/or read up on their current projects. When the interviewer asks, “do you have any questions for us?”, you’ll feel much more comfortable knowing that you’ve done your homework. Make sure to anticipate questions, even try writing some possible questions down before the interview, and make sure to practice answering them. Doing this will help to ease your mind a little and it will be less likely for you to panic when you’re asked a question. Preparation is key.

Splash Water Behind Your Ears and on Your Wrists:

After you have checked in with the receptionist and are waiting for the interview, take a quick trip to the bathroom and put a few drops of cool water behind your ears and on your wrists. The arteries in your wrists and behind your ears are close to the surface of your skin and the splashing of water actually cools the blood and will ease the hot, clammy feeling your nerves will give you. This will be sure to calm your anxiety about giving a sweaty handshake.


Karl Rozemeyer says, “Whenever you start to experience fear, the first thing that you have to do is remember to breathe. Fear stops your breathing, and everything starts to tighten. Breathing opens the door to relaxation.” While your waiting, do some deep breathing exercises such as deeply inhaling through your nose and out through your mouth for a count of four and repeating that a few times. Breathing helps to keep your head clear and will keep you feeling grounded. It also helps you to relax and calms that anxious jittery feeling.

Embrace the Power of Positive Thinking:


A positive attitude is the most important thing to take with you to an interview. After you have checked in and are anxiously waiting to be called back, practice repeating encouraging messages in your head and envision yourself nailing the interview. By thinking positively and eliminating all negative thoughts from your head, you will find your self-esteem to be boosted and will walk into the interview feeling motivated and focused. Most importantly, you must first believe in yourself in order to convince others to believe in you.


There is no way to guarantee that you’ll get the job and every interview is different, but by remembering these simple tips you can ensure that you will go into the interview with confidence and a clear mind, ready for anything the interviewer may throw at you.


Alicia Palermo is a junior at the University of South Florida, majoring in health science. After graduating from USF, she hopes to attend graduate school to become a physicians assistant.

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