Get the Employer’s Attention: Résumés

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The first impression an employer gets from a potential employee is typically from a résumé. Some people underestimate the importance of a résumé. There are a couple of tips to take note of that may keep your future employer reading through your résumé, instead of putting it down and moving to the next.

The majority of job seeking individuals tend to create one general résumé to submit to different companies. This is a mistake that many are unaware of. Employers tend to not pay attention to résumés that show no specific interest in their company. Employers look for specific attributes that would benefit their company, in particular. Therefore when writing a résumé it is crucial to think about, and research the company you are applying to before you begin writing the document. To make the situation easier, it is a good idea to have a general résumé to work with and revise according to the company it will be submitted to.

In order to succeed in writing a target résumé there are a few steps to follow. The first step in achieving this type of résumé is to embark on a job search. This step is crucial due to the fact that you will need to sell yourself to this company. To makes the search effective, you need to get organized. This can be done by first brainstorming about yourself and figuring out what you like. After figuring that out the next step is to begin narrowing down types of work fields until finding the perfect job opportunity. There are many different job search engines available to use when completing the search. Popular ones include Monster, Jobsters, and Riley Guide. The next step in achieving a target résumé is to focus your research on a specific company. Well-done research can provide you with information that will set you aside from other applicants. Things to look for when researching the company include qualities they look highly upon, skills necessary for the job, the companies mission or vision, and general information on how the company operates.

After completing the research, the next step is to think like an employer. Ask yourself, “ If I was an employer what types of things would I want to see on a résumé?” It is a good idea to come up with a concise sentence, which tells the employer what you would do to better the company, compared to other prospective employees. The final step in creating a target résumé is to actually write the résumé. Make sure list specific qualities you have, that would interest the chosen company. Also elaborate on previous jobs or achievements that highlight skills and qualities that would be beneficial to the company.

In all, it is crucial for individuals to go through the trouble of creating a target résumé in order to acquire desired, and quality jobs. The truth is that in today’s day and age, a general résumé tends to be disregarded by employers. It is becoming more competitive to get hired by respectable jobs today because of the increase in individuals working, and individuals receiving higher education. It is a good idea to look at examples of target resumés before writing your resumé.

Andrea Ferro is a undergraduate student at the University of South Florida majoring in biology. She hopes to attend dental school after obtaining her undergraduate degree.  

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