How Researching a Company for 5 minutes Can Get You The Job.

How Researching a Company For 5 Minutes Can Get You The Job.

We have all been there before. The end of a long interview seems to be going great, and then the bomb drops. The employer asks “Do you have any questions?” Ummmm… when do I start and how much are you paying me? However, most of us simply say “No” and the interview ends. By researching a company, prior to this bomb of a question, you have opened a whole new door of questions and opportunities to leave a lasting impression and give yourself the upper hand. Here’s how:

Starting Basic-

This consists of simply going to and putting the company name in, and finding their main site. This will be the foundation of your search. From this company page you can learn recent achievements or awards given to the company.  Basic information can be helpful. For example, does the company have more than one location? If so is it a location you might relate with such as Spain? THIS is something to bring up to the interviewer. Mention how you spent a semester abroad in that country, or are fluent in a particular language. You may not be right for the position at hand but if they liked you, they may recommend you to another location and your dream job could be waiting based off a little research.

Usually, a company will have a mission statement which is always something to look up. An example can be seen here. The bottom of this homepage gives background and their mission statement.  Knowing a company’s main goal from their mission statement can help you relate yourself to the company in the interview. This shows the interviewer you did your homework and you value the company’s goals and would like to help achieve them. Brownie points!

Getting Deeper-

Now is it’s time to dig deeper. Getting second opinions can never hurt and doing this could help you avoid being hired at a company you will be miserable at. There are sites such as that will show you other employee’s evaluation of the company they work for. This gives you personal insight if you’re about to entire a laid back work place or a hustle and bustle strict office. I do recommend taking this with a grain of salt because not all opinions may be fully factual. However, giving you the heads up and reading what others have to say will never hurt and only prepare you.

Final Steps-

Lastly, do any more research you can on the company or the employer if possible. Researching your employer can really set you apart for the others if done correctly. Maybe they have won a past award or have been with the company from ground up. A question I would ask my interviewer is “I read that you have been with the company for 25 years when their doors opened, do you think your experience here has given you and the other employees any extra skills or opportunities?” They will be surprised at your knowledge and may respond about the qualities the company has given them. The more you know the better prepared you will be for any questions the interviewer wants you to ask.

Brittany Dickinson is a junior at the University of South Florida. After earning a degree in public health, she plans to continue her education to South University to become a physicians assistant. 



One thought on “How Researching a Company for 5 minutes Can Get You The Job.

  1. I found your post to be very useful and informing. I also wrote about tips for an interview and one of my tips was to research the company and ask questions. I didn’t get in as much depth as you so I really enjoyed hearing more about this tip. I recently had a job interview and at the end of it when they asked if I had any questions for them, I had three prepared that they said they were very impressed that I asked. I ended up getting the job and I truly believe this is one of the main reasons. The information you provided is essential for an interview. Thank you for posting it!

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