How to Incorporate “You” into Your Professional Blogs

Often times we write blogs that need to be both professional and personal.  You may often ask yourself the question: How do I appropriately portray a combination of conversationality and professionalism?  It’s a tough answer, and sometimes we are afraid that if we make it too professional, it won’t have personality in it, and if we make it too personal, it won’t sound professional.  Here are some simple rules and some guidelines on how to incorporate “you” into your professional writing.


Establish your credibility

First off, for writing to be professional, it must have credibility.  You must avoid grammar, spelling, and technical errors.  Do not use slang and improper abbreviations or acronyms.  For example, lol, haha, and jk do have personality but are not professional and therefore they destroy your credibility.   If your writing is constructed properly, you will have a clear message that is free of errors, and will sound professional.

Think about your audience

Who are you writing to?  If your blog is for other professionals then you must incorporate yourself in a professional manner.  Do not provide inappropriate examples or stories into your blog.  You must intrigue your audience and to do so you must: stay on topic, use exciting titles, use pictures of videos, cite your sources, use proper headings and always make your blog have a purpose.

Write professionally the way you talk professionally

Conversationality, essentially, is writing the way you would talk.  Therefore, you must talk professionally.  I believe the best way to do this is to imagine you are giving a presentation on whatever your topic may be to all of your coworkers and managers.  Then, put that presentation into typing.  If you were speaking in front of your associates you would speak with a professional manner all the while speaking with your specific tone and attitude.  Well, put that onto paper.

Professionalism to conversationality self-test

After you are done writing your blog go back and read it to yourself in someone else’s voice.  Do you feel as if they are speaking directly to you or do you feel that you are reading a research paper?  If you feel the latter then there is not enough “you” in your paper.  Then, go back as if you were a professional looking to hear advice on the specific subject.  Does your blog demand credibility and provide information in a structural exciting way or does it make you feel as if you were being spoken to like a child.  If it is the latter of the two, then there is too much “you” and not enough professionalism in it.

I hope this information will help you better understand how to write professional blogs.  Below is another blog with great information and tips on how to make your blogging even more professional.  I hope you like it and feel free to leave comments

Cameron Earhart is a junior at the University of South Florida.  He plans to graduate in the Spring of 2014 with a bachelors in Business Management.


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