Professional Writing Tied into Resumes and Cover Letters

Professional writing is a must have feature of your professional personality.  It helps with many things when trying to apply for a job, or keep a job. For example, if a resume has to be written to apply for a job, than the knowledge of professional writing makes it easier and error free. The key components in preparing and getting an interview are writing a cover letter and resume. The understanding of the professional writing theory is vital to completing what is necessary to prepare for and get an interview.

Resumes are written summaries of someone’s education, qualifications for the specific job, and background on employment. Resumes must be well-written, correctly formatted, and professional looking. They must have at least four topics. The name must be put on top of the resume along with information about yourself. Street address, city, state or province, zip code, phone number, and email address all must be written somewhere near your name. Professional writing teaches you that resumes should include a brief and persuasive professional message in order to get interest from the employers. Understanding the theory behind it is easy. A full knowledge of the theory leads into successful documents professionally written by you! According to a blog from Premier Service Resume Writing, “A resume will get your foot in the door…” resumes give you the chance to brag about yourself, and show why you are qualified for that job.

Professional writing teaches you that there are many formats when writing a resume. There are three formats for resumes: chronological, functional, and combination. These formats were created in order to specify the strengths for the writer of the resume. It is important to understand the type of job you are applying for in order to know what type of format you must use to become a strong candidate for a possible interview.

Not only are resumes important to write to prepare for an interview, but cover letters are also vital in order to present yourself in the best way possible. Cover letters let the employer know what you are sending, why it is being sent, and how it is beneficial to read. The criteria needed for a cover letter include:  addressing the letter correctly, clearly identifying the opportunity you are given, showing interest towards the company you are applying for, keeping the letter short, expressing your personality through the writing, and showing confidence. Professional writing teaches us that writing a cover letter enables the employer to see that you have done research of the company that was not asked by the employer, showing major interest in the opportunity given.

It is clear that the theory of professional writing and the understanding of formats and ways to professionally present yourself for any professional opportunities help someone learn how to write a resume and cover letter. We now understand that resumes and cover letters are not exactly made to get a job but to get an interview for the job you are applying for. These writing skills will show off your capability for the specific job and present your personality in the best way without meeting prior. It is important to know the different types of formats and criteria used for cover letters and resumes in order impressively write about you.

Mariana Chiappori is a student at the University of South Florida majoring in biology. She is part of the Pre-Dental Society and hopes to attend dental school.

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