Public Speaking- Everyone’s nightmare!

This is not a secret, people start shaking, get nervous or turn like a tomato when they are told they have to present in front of an audience. Most of them panic when they have to deliver a speech or presentation in front of people we don’t know. Most people, including me, do not like to be in the spot and we get the chills just to hear the word “public speaking”.  Therefore, I decided to do some research to help me and whoever reads this blog to feel confident and excel any presentation that comes in the future.

This can be easy to accomplish if we put in practice the following tips. Let’s relax and hopefully at the end of this blog you feel confident and ready to show the world you are ready!

1. Watch the pros: the first thing we should do if we have to present is to watch videos about people who are master in public speaking. Observe their styles and habits. Also, note their professional look. Do you notice they are not wearing too many accessories? This can be distracting for your audience and take their attention away from your message.

2. Check your auditorium: Check out the place where your presentation is going to be. The more familiar you are with your environment, the more comfortable you’ll be at the podium

3.Do your research and practice: Know your topic and what you’re going to say about it and choose your tone. The more you know, the more confident you will be. Then, practice as many times as you need to. You can stand up in front of the mirror or you can ask your family and friends to listen to your presentation, they can give you feedback. You can also record yourself to check your tone of voice and time your presentation.

4.Avoid negative thinking: Maintain a positive attitude before, during, and after your presentation.. Bringing negative thoughts to your mind will block your ideas and you will lose the flow of the presentation.

5. Get to know your audience: Know who your audience is and tailor your speech, and delivery to them. This will help you to choose your tone and how you want to deliver your message.

6. Speak slowly: If you are a fast talker your audience will assume you are nervous and they won’t be able to understand the message from your presentation. Pace yourself and remember to speak at a normal pace when you’re speaking publicly.

7. Eyes on your audience: In order to engage with your audience, you need to look at them in their eyes. Avoid looking at the floor or at your notes. If you do so, your audience will perceive you as you are not prepared.

8. Break the ice : One of the ways to break the ice with your audience it’s using a little bit of humor. Make them smile if you can. However, be careful too many jokes can invalidate your presentation.

9. Keep it concise and short: Your audience will get bored if your presentation takes longer than it needs too. Make sure your information is valuable. You need the audience to stay awake and to listen until the end. One of the ways to do so, it’s to ask open-ended questions.

10. Fake it until you make it: This is the best advice I found to help us through a public speaking presentation. Even if we do not have confidence if we act like we do we will nail our presentation. The longer we fake it, the more comfortable it will feel.

Hope this information can help you to overcome your fear of public speaking. Here it is another blog than can give you more tips about this topic. Hope you like it and leave comments below .

Laura Boullosa is a senior student at the University of South Florida and she hopes to move to Switzerland after graduation to continue her education.

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