Put the Experience into your Resume

How to include Work Experience into your resume 

First I am going to ask a question, how important is a resume? I would have to agree with the idea of Christopher L. Williams, who believes the resume is the single most important thing you can do when looking for a job.  Since the resume is extremely important in the job-hunting process, it is vital to set up a proper format to your resume.

Owl is a great tool for setting up a properly formatted resume.  There are a few sections that should be included in every single persons resume, and I am going to cover the one I think is the most important of them all.

Work experience is one of the main portions of information on a resume, and selecting the best information to put in this section is not always an easy thing to do.

I am going to cover a few different ideas to keep in mind when incorporating work experience into your own resume.

What jobs to include

Selecting what jobs to include in this section is vital to whether or not you will receive the job you are applying for.  Only include jobs that are relevant to the job you are applying for, even if you don’t have an extensive job history. If you struggle in coming up with relevant job history because you don’t have any, than don’t include a work experience section on your resume, instead put in a skills section or an awards and accolades section.

How to design the section

-Format of the heading

The format should be the same as the other title headings on your resume.


Creating proper section spacing is important.  You want to present the most information you can in the smallest space you can.  To do this, create sections.  Have employer name, date, and location all on one line, with the job title underneath it.  Then list in bullet point form your experience within the job.  Be sure to use active adjectives and verbs when expressing these experiences.

-Dates and titles

Don’t make up any special titles or extend the dates of a job to try and hide being unemployed for a certain amount of time. If the potential employer runs a background check and finds a lie, you might as well kiss the job good bye.

-Font sizes

When deciding what size of font to incorporate onto your resume, make sure to remember to make the size large enough to remain legible for employers.  Also, keep the sizes uniform.  For example, if you have a size 12 font on the information under your education experience, make sure you have size 12 under every other section.

Here is what TO do

Here is what NOT to do

What the employer is looking for in your work experience section

Remember that employers are looking for information that separates you from the other potential candidates.  Try and include information that could put you a step above the rest.  Also remember employers are trying to get through as much information as possible in a very short amount of time, on average an employer looks at each resume for about 10 seconds before moving on to the next one.  Keep your resume as short as possible to include all of the information you are trying to include.


Brandon Paton is a junior at the university of South Florida getting his degree in Marketing.  Once he reaches graduation, Brandon plans to pursue a career in sports marketing with the Miami Heat. 

One thought on “Put the Experience into your Resume

  1. I enjoyed this blog very much. I believe your resume is one of the most important aspects to potential employers. Its the first impression your employer has of you. Including the right information and removing the bad information is essential. I will definitely remember these tips next time I go to work on my resume.

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