Put the info into the Graphic

How to make a successful infographic

Infographics are a relatively new idea that is starting to grow in popularity.  Even the word infographic is so new that my spell check does not recognize it as being a word (yet).  Here is a brief overview of the history of infographics.  With the growth in popularity, more and more people are trying to create their own infographics to share with the world.  With this in mind, I am going to create a list of steps to follow to create a successful infographic.


Step One-Think of an idea

Thinking of an idea for your infographic may seem like an easy task, but there is a lot that goes into the process.  You need to figure out what type of information you are trying to share, and what way you want to show that information.  Once you figure out what type of information you are trying to convey, come up with a catchy title that supplements your work to come.

Step Two-Select a flow chart style

This step is more of a challenge than you might think.  There is important information to consider when you select the type of chart you are going to use.  The difference between using a bar graph, pie chart, or line graph could make the difference between it being interpreted correctly.

Step Three-Create a flow chart framework

This step is where you decide how you want the information to look.  Where do you want the text to be placed, where you want pictures, and what kind of color do you want should be the types of questions you are answering as you go along.

Step Four-Add color to the chart

Colors can play a big role in keeping the interest of the reader of your infographic.  Before choosing your colors, decide what type of tone you are trying to create.  There is a difference between fun and business here.  Also, keep in mind contrasts of colors on charts.  A helpful hint is avoid dull colors, and try and contrast colors so the reader can tell them apart.

Step Five-Add visually appealing graphics to the chart

Adding graphics to your chart is important depending on who your audience is.  Also keep in mind that visuals are not necessary in every situation.

Step Six-Conduct Research

Conducting research is the most important aspect of creating an infographic. In order to create a reliable infographic, you must conduct enough research to present the idea you are trying to put forward.  Also make sure to give credit where credit is due during information gathering.  Once you gather the information, place it in the chart accordingly.

Step Seven-Edit, edit, and edit some more

Editing your work is just as important as creating it in the first place.  Make sure all of your information is presented the way you want it to be, make sure to run a spell check, and also make sure the information is easy to follow and read.  A helpful hint on this is to also have a friend or colleague go over your information before you present it.

If you follow these simple seven steps, you will be able to create your own successful infographic right away.

Another easy process to create an infographic can be done on http://piktochart.com/, which is a website that allows you to use templates and other tools to create a viable infographic.

Brandon Paton is a junior at the university of South Florida studying Marketing.  Once completion of his degree, he plans to work for the Miami Heat doing sports marketing.


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