Which Résumé Is Best For You?

Everybody has different qualifications, skills and work experience. So when it comes to deciding what and where to put things on your résumé it all depends on what you have to offer. In your résumé you want to make sure you are showcasing your best qualities and experiences for the job which you are applying for There are three main types of résumés that I am going to discuss: Chronological, functional and combination. Choosing the right résumé depends on your background and goals.


Which can also be called a skills résumé focuses on your skills, capabilities and accomplishments rather than your employment and academic history. This type of résumé is used the most when you have had long periods of time without a job or have had a questionable job history.

A functional résumé has three main advantages:

1. Brings skills to the forefront
2. Hides gaps in your employment history and frequent job changes
3. Without reading through job descriptions employers can see what you have to offer



The chronological résumé is the most commonly used résumé and many employers actually prefer it.  This type of résumé highlights your work experience. It is the first section the employer will read under your contact information. Your work experience should be in chronological order beginning with your most recent job. For each job make sure to list the employers name, the location of the company and the dates which your position was held. Then write a brief paragraph describing the job and any accomplishments that were made. If you have limited professional job experience then you can list your educational section before your job experience section.



This is literally a combination of the functional résumé and the chronological résumé. This type of résumé format allows you to focus on your skills and qualifications when you don’t have experience in your field. However unlike functional résumé the combination still shows your job history and does not make it seem as if you are hiding something. It generally begins like the functional résumé with the skills and qualification sections and then the job descriptions in reverse chronological order at the end.


Here are three examples of people who need to write a résumé and aren’t sure which type of résumé format they should use. Match the correct résumé to each description.  (Answers are on the bottom of the page.

1. I am a recent graduate of the University of South Florida. I have done well in school and have had a few internships in the field that I am interested in.

2. I have been out of school for a awhile and have held quite a few jobs and have even been laid off before. I am looking to change career paths.

3. I have quite a bit of job experience in the past and am just interested in a job posting; however it is in the same field that I am working in now.

A. Functional Résumé
B. Chronological Résumé
C. Combination Résumé


1. Combination Résumé, 2. Functional Résumé, 3. Chronological Résumé

Karoline Evans. I am currently a student at the University of South Florida studying International Business and Spanish.

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