The Vitality of Credibility

Imagine yourself reviewing a proposal given to you by a potential employee. Now imagine yourself reviewing it and checking out some of the information presented to you in the proposal. While reviewing the information, you find yourself realizing there are a few errors. Some incorrect information, as well as some formatting and grammatical errors, have […]

How Will Text Lingo Affect Your Work?

In today’s technological society many writers have a habit of writing in text lingo or writing with incorrect grammar. The readers that read your blog or writings will take your company and you as a writer more seriously if you come across as being professional. There are many ways that a writer and a company […]

Storytelling Techniques for Business Messages

When you hear the word storytelling you may think of children’s books, fantasy or even biographies; however, storytelling is one of the most effective ways to organize business messages in any business communication scenario. This process used with various storytelling techniques are common in recruiting, television, advertisements and in many other ways, due to the […]