The Art of Successful Interviewing Part I: Preparation

Attending a job interview. Whether that phrase may make you cringe or you are merely seeking a few reminders on how to perfect your professional posture, this article will assist you in the tough task of preparing for a professional job interview. As the job market becomes ever more competitive, there is less room for […]

Own Your Interview

It’s the first step of the rest of your life.  You have contacted the company, you have sent in your resume, and they have presented you with an opportunity that will decide your future: an interview.  Going into an interview can be scary, sometimes even heart wrenching.  You are walking into unknown territory.  You don’t […]

6 Interview Tips from 20 years of Interviewing Applicants

Perhaps the most useful thing I can offer to a job candidate is the insight of having interviewed hundreds of potential employees over the last 20 years.  Here are the best tips I can give you, and specific examples, so you can see what the interviewer is thinking: – First impressions are everything. Do not […]

Effective Tips on How to Calm Those Pre Job Interview Jitters

You’ve finally landed the interview you’ve been dreaming of and now your hit with the pre-interview jitters. Don’t fret; it’s no secret that job interviews can bring out the nerves in even the most composed people. Putting yourself on display can be an intimidating experience but by approaching it with the right mind set and […]

Branding Yourself!

School is over and it is time to get the job you have dreamed of. You have applied to different companies hoping to get called for an interview. However, you are not alone. Behind that dream job, there are thousands of people waiting for the same call, people who have the same skills and education as you. So […]

The Breakdown of Interviews

Now that resumes are broken down and understood based on the general description and formats that can be used in the resume, it is now time to understand the interview process. There are many types of interviews that employers can use such as interviews that are structured, open-ended, panel, group, behavioral, situational, working, stress, and […]

The Way To The Top Can Start With An Elevator

Interviews. The dreaded experience we all have to go through in order to land a job. Everyone gets nervous, no matter how much experience they may have. Many people get so nervous that they often become tongue-tied and end up blowing the interview because they can’t express their thoughts or opinions. Colleges are looking for […]