Successful Paragraph Writing For Dummies

Successful Paragraph Writing For Dummies A paragraph can make or break your writing. This is a key tool that can be used in different circumstances from a simple email to a five page report. If done correctly, this skill can elevate material from basic to the next level; otherwise it makes your work messy and […]

The Skillful Blogger

Many people believe the common misnomer that it is easy to write a blog. There are many aspects that are essential to writing a successful blog, and those aspects are even more important when trying to write a professional blog. Just because you choose to write a blog, does not mean that people will want […]

Blogging- the “Formal” Social Media Channel

In today’s society both in personal and business environments, social networking has become one of the largest mediums for people to interact, communicate, share ideas, and transmit information.  Unfortunately this rapid acceleration in the advancement of technology has given rise to the largest threat to professional writing.  Anybody with a smart phone and/or access to the […]

To be Professional or Not to be?: Blogging Made Easy!

Blogging has been around for sometime now and it has become a way for people to write things and have them be seen by many, for free. If you search the Internet, you will find many blogs that are similar in style and similar in substance. There are many types of blogs for different interests; […]