In PowerPoint, Less is More

There are few things worse then suffering through a cluttered, poorly designed PowerPoint presentation. This becomes even more frustrating when the content of the presentation something you find interesting and relevant. Don’t let your design get in the way of your message! Well designed Power Point slides should enhance your presentation by providing your audience […]

It’s All in the Visual- How To Construct an Effective Infographic for your Powerpoint

When giving a presentation, it is always good to show your audience an infographic so that they can visualize your main points. There are many different types of infographics that you can create for your audience so you must make sure you select the right type to maximize your audiences’ experience. Creating one may seem […]

Exploring Typography

  An Exercise in Aesthetics “The most popular typefaces are the easiest to read; their popularity has made them disappear from conscious cognition. It becomes impossible to tell if they are easy to read because they are commonly used, or if they are commonly used because they are easy to read.”      –Zuzana Licko […]

Design Elements for PowerPoint Presentations

Creating PowerPoint presentations is something almost anyone will have to do either in their academics or career. Unfortunately, creating PowerPoint slides is not simply adding any information and design on a slide and just presenting it. There are many elements to each slide that can either help communicate the information effectively or completely ruin the […]