Effective Tips on How to Calm Those Pre Job Interview Jitters

You’ve finally landed the interview you’ve been dreaming of and now your hit with the pre-interview jitters. Don’t fret; it’s no secret that job interviews can bring out the nerves in even the most composed people. Putting yourself on display can be an intimidating experience but by approaching it with the right mind set and […]

Selecting the Right Type of Cover Letter

When stepping out into the job market the there are three steps that every job seeker must take; writing a cover letter, submitting a resume, and going in for an interview. The cover letter is the first and most important step because it’s the very first impression that potential employers have of you.  When writing […]

How to Incorporate “You” into Your Professional Blogs

Often times we write blogs that need to be both professional and personal.  You may often ask yourself the question: How do I appropriately portray a combination of conversationality and professionalism?  It’s a tough answer, and sometimes we are afraid that if we make it too professional, it won’t have personality in it, and if we make […]


Effective brainstorming is something very near and dear to my heart as I have failed in its execution time and time again. From elementary school up to this day I have struggled with procrastination and poor time management. I have seen the downfalls of poor time management throughout the years and have finally come to […]

Branding Yourself!

School is over and it is time to get the job you have dreamed of. You have applied to different companies hoping to get called for an interview. However, you are not alone. Behind that dream job, there are thousands of people waiting for the same call, people who have the same skills and education as you. So […]

The Breakdown of Interviews

Now that resumes are broken down and understood based on the general description and formats that can be used in the resume, it is now time to understand the interview process. There are many types of interviews that employers can use such as interviews that are structured, open-ended, panel, group, behavioral, situational, working, stress, and […]