6 Interview Tips from 20 years of Interviewing Applicants

Perhaps the most useful thing I can offer to a job candidate is the insight of having interviewed hundreds of potential employees over the last 20 years.  Here are the best tips I can give you, and specific examples, so you can see what the interviewer is thinking: – First impressions are everything. Do not […]

Quick Tips To Successful Emails

Even though emails are the most fundamental thing to do, they are the most vital in the professional world. A good professional email can say much about someone and leaves an impression on whoever is reading it. These tips will help formulate a well-organized email that is proficient enough to send to your bosses. Some […]

Enhanced Email

Enhanced E-Mail We can all sympathize with having to cut corners. Work can be stressful and sometimes we rush things to get everything done. One corner that gets cut more often than not seems to be email. It’s an easy target. Today, we have so many modes of electronic communication that favor brevity that the […]

The Important Information in Your Email

One of the most widely used forms of communication in the business realm is email.  Employees need to realize that even through impersonal communication such as emails, that the employee is representing the company.  For businesses to strive, employees need to create working relationships with both customers and vendors by various sorts of communication in a […]

The Highest Hurdle: Landing That Interview

The Highest Hurdle: Landing That Interview Landing the interview can be the biggest hurdle of the entire job search process; often times I have seen or experienced that once you have landed the interview you have landed the job, but many applicants don’t reach the interview! This blog is about providing helpful tips and sound […]