Effective brainstorming is something very near and dear to my heart as I have failed in its execution time and time again. From elementary school up to this day I have struggled with procrastination and poor time management. I have seen the downfalls of poor time management throughout the years and have finally come to […]

From Waitress to Career Woman: Making Irrelevant Job Experience Relevant on your Resume

From the day I got my working papers, all I was concerned with was making money. I wasn’t concerned with what kind of job to look for and I certainly was not thinking how it would affect my career path in the future. Working in the restaurant industry is a relatively easy, quick money-making job […]

Getting the Job: Conquering the Experience Section of your Resume.

Resumes are one of the key documents when searching for a career or new job. They provide a way of showing a future employer your qualities, attributes, and skills in an easy to read format. All of this information is divided into sections like education, employment history, experience, and special skills. One of the most […]