Quick Tips To Successful Emails

Even though emails are the most fundamental thing to do, they are the most vital in the professional world. A good professional email can say much about someone and leaves an impression on whoever is reading it. These tips will help formulate a well-organized email that is proficient enough to send to your bosses. Some […]


Effective brainstorming is something very near and dear to my heart as I have failed in its execution time and time again. From elementary school up to this day I have struggled with procrastination and poor time management. I have seen the downfalls of poor time management throughout the years and have finally come to […]

To be Professional or Not to be?: Blogging Made Easy!

Blogging has been around for sometime now and it has become a way for people to write things and have them be seen by many, for free. If you search the Internet, you will find many blogs that are similar in style and similar in substance. There are many types of blogs for different interests; […]

How Will Text Lingo Affect Your Work?

In today’s technological society many writers have a habit of writing in text lingo or writing with incorrect grammar. The readers that read your blog or writings will take your company and you as a writer more seriously if you come across as being professional. There are many ways that a writer and a company […]

Brainstorming To Its Limits

Brainstorming is more than just thinking up ideas, but rather the deep thought and evaluation of an idea into a written format. Thinking of brainstorming as a map of thoughts and strategies where effective use of time is employed and time management becomes a focal point in determining the success or failure of the idealized […]