Three-Step Writing Process


We all know how time consuming, demanding, and stressful a report or proposal can be. Well I have some tips that can help you organize your work to make it easier. This is known as the Three-Step writing process. This process will help your message to have a clear purpose, communicate effectively, and meet the needs of your audience. This simple procedure consists of three essentials to completing a proposal, resume, report, or any other project you may have to do.

The three steps are:

  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Completion

These concepts are the foundations to the writing process and if followed correctly your work should be very successful. Through explaining this process, I will use the example of creating a résumé.


Step 1: Planning

Let us start with the first step, planning. Everyone knows it is important to plan before you do anything. Before you start your work, you should analyze the situation and find the purpose of your work, which will also help you develop a tone for the audience you are presenting to. Using the résumé example here, you would first understand that the purpose of a résumé is to get an interview in order to be considered for a job.

Next, gather all the information you need that pertains to the audience. Do not just use information that you think is important because this will not be effective for your


audience to take interest in your writing. Researching industries and companies that you are interested in will allow you to know what they are looking for. Once your information is gathered, choosing the right medium is the next critical step to take. You can choose to deliver your message visually, electronically, or even orally. However, be sure to choose the right medium that is best for delivering your message because you want your message to be received clearly. Choosing the wrong medium can lose that sense of communication. Résumés can be presented using PowerPoint’s,E-portfolio, or just the traditional printed out on paper.

The final step is organizing your information. This will include defining your main idea and focusing your message on specific elements of what you will be writing. Listing your strengths and achievement’s in chronological order would be the best approach to help you stay organized.


Step 2: Writing

In this step, it is time to starting composing your message but it must fit your audience needs. You should write or present you message in a way that shows you are referencing the audience like using “you” and “your” instead of saying “I” or “me”. In your résumé, interpret your education and experience into points that employers would find valuable to their company.


Step 3: Completion

Finally, it is the last step. One you have composed your message now it is time to revise, produce, proofread, and distribute. Go back through your writing to be sure your message is clear and is easy to understand. Then format your message using a design that is not only professional but effective as well. Your résumé may contain certain sub headings to allow your information to be found easily and to help your résumé stay organized and look professional.  Next, look through your writing to check for any errors and mistakes in your wording as well as your design. Now finally it is time to put it all together and distribute your message using the medium of your choice. If your medium requires you to speak to your audience be sure to take time out and practice. This will allow you to be comfortable with your message.


Simple as that!

Using these three easy steps will surely help you achieve a great message. Remember to stay patient and think about your audience while composing your message because it is important to keep those lines of communication clear for an even more effective intake of your message.

Kemberlee’ Young is a student at the University of South Florida with a major in Public Health. She dreams of one day becoming a Registered Nurse specializing in Pediatrics.

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